A Rustic Winter Surprise Wedding at Braddocks Tavern | Medford NJ Wedding Photographer

Ever heard of a surprise wedding? As in, the guests are invited and show up expecting to be greeted by the bride and groom at an engagement party… only to find out when they get there (by a pretty awesome sign) that the couple is getting MARRIED??? THAT VERY NIGHT???!!!???

Well, you have now heard of one. Liana and Andre shocked their guests by disguising their wedding as an engagement bash at Braddocks Tavern in Medford, NJ. Only their immediate family and some of their aunts and uncles were in on the secret. The bride and groom prepared as any couple would, getting ready for a wedding that only they and a few others knew about. The couple got ready separately for their big day, and having decided on a first look at Camp Ockanickon, we took family photos, bridal party photos and bride and groom “formals” at the rustic campy location.

We then headed to Braddocks Tavern, where a sign was waiting for the guests outside, keeping the disguise of an engagement party. However, inside there was a second sign letting them know what they were really there for. This post includes some shots of the guests faces as they were surprised by the announcement of the wedding… pretty sure those are faces that I will never forget.   The ceremony itself took place upstairs in a beautiful, cozy room with winter decorations and rustic décor, including the incredibly creative cake. Cocktail hour took us downstairs while the upstairs room transformed into a formal reception with a very romantic atmosphere. After dinner, the guests got to boogie with the bride and groom and enjoy the rest of the unexpected night.

This was definitely an opportunity I felt very blessed to capture, a once in a lifetime event that will now be recorded for the bride and groom and their families to keep for generations to come.   Scroll down to watch how the events played out, and enjoy. 🙂


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this one-of-a-kind wedding day!

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