5 of the Most Unique Venues in the Philadelphia Area, and Why You Should Consider Them




Hello, Brides!


After shooting weddings for several years and seeing tons of different venues, I have found

that the majority of my brides seek out the more creative or unique locations to hold their

weddings. Here is a list of five of the most unique venues I have come across and what

makes them special.


Enjoy, and let me know in the comment section which ones stick out to you!




1. Best Winter Venue: Knowlton Mansion


knowlton mansion winter wedding

-If you are looking for charm, this is where it’s at. Knowlton Mansion is a large restored Victorian-style mansion built in the

19th century, and it is not lacking in photo locations inside OR out. Photos are allowed in the cellar in the basement, and in

plenty of rooms in the Mansion. Also, the gardens outside are super green and beautiful, even in the winter. The reception

takes place in a large hall with high ceilings and wooden beams.


knowlton mansion wedding                



Why is it great?


A. The inside is gorgeous and really interesting. I felt like I would find a secret passageway around every corner.

B. There are TONS of photo locations, inside and out, and it’s super fun to explore.

C. The trees are PERRENIALS, which means they are green ALL YEAR ROUND. Yipeeeeee!!!


Check it out here: Knowlton Mansion




2. Most Unique Venue: Material Culture


-If you are looking for something REALLY different, Material Culture should be at the top of the running. You won’t find

anywhere else with so many creative backdrops for indoor photos, and your guests will definitely not be bored exploring

through the warehouse. Guests sit on rugs or all different kinds of antique chairs for the ceremony, and the reception is

held on the open main floor surrounded by color and artistic everything.



material culture wedding philadelphia           




Why is it great?


A. It is the most colorful venue you will find.

B. It is full of culture, and if you are not a DIY bride, this is perfect for you; the decor of the venue is so visually stimulating

that you won’t need to add anything to it.

C. The food is FAN.TAS.TIC.  Like #foodallovermyfaceidon’tcare fantastic.



Check it out here: Material Culture




 3. Most Rustic Venue: Terrain at Stylers

terrain glen mills wedding


-If you are a rustic bride who is looking for incredible nature to surround you at every outside turn, Terrain is your venue.

The ceremony is held outside in front of a unique open structure, and the reception is held in a restored barn with string

lights and farm tables. It is also awesome because it is situated in the middle of Glen Mills, PA, and once you enter you

would never know that you aren’t in the middle of the countryside. The bridal suite is called the Mushroom House, so what

more could you want???






Why is it great?


A. It’s super-rustic. No, like, super-super-awesome-rustic. Anthropologie dream come true.

B. The natural surroundings are gorgeous.  You will feel like you are walking around in a modern-day Secret Garden.

C. It works for casual brides or DIY’ers.  In other words, chillax and let the venue decorate itself if you want, or go super

crazy on rustic centerpieces. Either works here.



Check it out here: Terrain



4. Most Interesting Waterfront Venue: Glen Foerd

Mansion on the Delaware


-If you are looking for a large indoor/outdoor location with an art gallery and bright halls with furnished rooms to tour, this

is your place. The basement hosts an old rathskeller and the staircase sets in front of a beautiful grand pipe organ. The

reception is held in a large enclosed pavilion in front of the river.







Why is it great?


A. The basement is a very unique place to take photos, and the Art Gallery is open to guests during Cocktail hour. Free art


B. The location is right on the river. So close you could fall in. In other words, don’t get close. You’ll fall in.

C. The inside of the Mansion is a great place for photo ops and fun for your guests to explore.



Check it out here: Glen Foerd on the Deleware



5. Best Intimate Garden Wedding: Smithville

Mansion, Eastampton, NJ


If you are looking for an outdoor scenic location, Smithville mansion hosts gardens, gates, brick walls and ivy. Another rustic location, this little gem seemingly pops out of nowhere. It has a unique history and is located in the middle of an old industrial town. Weddings are held outdoor in the garden and receptions are held in a tent inside of the walls of the gardens.



     photojournalistic smithville mansion wedding     


smithville mansion eastampton wedding



Why is it great?


A. Photo ops. EVERYWHERE.

B. Once you enter the gate, it is truly a unique little place, beautiful and understated.

C. It is another location where guests will truly enjoy walking around the gardens and exploring the scenery, which is

definitlely around every corner.


Check it out here: Smithville Mansion



Comment below and tell me what you think of these venues!


What kind of bride are you, and which of these venues appeal to you most?


Also, if you haven’t read it yet, here are my 10 Secrets for Planning a Wedding That No One

Will Tell You. 


If you are planning a wedding in the Philadelphia or South

Jersey area and would like to chat about wedding

photography, hit me up here. 



Sarah  🙂




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