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What is the one tangible item you will have left over from your wedding day (besides your marriage, of course!)?

Answer: Your photos. When guests visit your home and ask about what your wedding dress looked like, you will not go upstairs and put it on for them to see. You will show them your wedding album. When someone asks what kind of flowers you had in your wedding, the only way you will be able to show them will be the visual memories captured in images. Most importantly, when you communicate the way the day FELT, describe all you want to... but your words will not come alive until you show them the joy that was captured by your photographer, or your father's expression the exact moment he gave you away to your groom.

You will not want blown out pictures of your dress. You will not enjoy blurry images of your flowers. You will not want to miss images of priceless expressions of that day that can never be repeated. You will want to remember.


I can help you remember. I can provide a story of your wedding day from a hundred different perspectives that you may not have experienced on that day. I am committed to capturing those memories and details in a way that brings the day alive every time you see your images. I have backup equipment to ensure that none of those memories will be missed.

Browse through the blog and see if I capture moments in a way that you appreciate. If so...

I would love to schedule a complimentary consultation with you, where we will discuss the different packages, go over the contract and talk about how you desire your wedding day to run. This consultation does not commit you to sign a contract.

Reach out through my contact form, or email me at [email protected] to customize a package that is right for you.

Collection One: 3300


6 Hours of Coverage


Collection Two: 4100


8 Hours of Coverage

10x10 Custom Album


Collection Three: 4600


9 Hours of Coverage

Engagement Session

10x10 Custom Album


Collection Four: 5300


10 Hours of Coverage

Engagement Session

12x12 Custom Album

Guest Book Filled with Engagement Session Images


All collections come with two photographers and a downloadable gallery of high resolution images.

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